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Salt cave

A salt room, cave, (галокамера) is the unique unmedicamental medical and preventive method, based on the use of natural microclimate of caves, salt mines, grottoes. The main curative component of галокамери is her microclimate that is characterized : by subzero relative humidity (55-70 by the stationary temperature of air (20-24 °С), that is saturated by the negatively charged ions of chloride of natrium and purged from viruses, microbes and allergens. The comfortable atmosphere of salt room, quiet music, assist relaxation of organism. This method was used yet 2500 to back.

For guests that does not live in a hotel :
it is a cost of visit of "salt cave" 80 hrn.s/45 min; to put 15 from 6 to are 40 hrn.s/45 min; to put 6 to-free of charge.
- visiting a "salt cave" is allowed at presence of towel and removable shoe.
- for the children of preschool age entrance to the "salt cave" only with parents on requiring payment basis.

A salt room it is recommended to visit at:

diseases of the bronchopulmonary:

  1. bronchial asthma is with any clinical and pathogenetic variants of motion
  2. recrudescent bronchitis
  3. acute bronchitis (over 2 weeks)
  4. schistosis

diseases of otolaryngology :

  1. vasculomotor and allergic rhinopathy
  2. chronic pharyngitises
  3. chronic and sharp tubootitis
  4. adenoids

pathologies of the cutaneous covering :

  1. atopic dermatitis is in the stage of stabilizing
  2. psoriasis is in the stage of stabilizing
  3. eczema
  4. fat себорея
  5. pustule defeats of skin, eel

with the aim of prophylaxis :

  1. frequent ARVIS, flu
  2. frequent acute bronchitis, pneumonias
  3. chronic diseases of overhead standard
  4. полінозу
  5. cough, related to smoking, influence of productive полютантів

During realization of courses of speleoterapithe most positive effect is marked outside бронхолегеневої systems. The negative ions of chloride of natrium positively influence on the cleansing functions of blinking epithelium, the standard are covered that, increasing speed of fluctuating motions. Due to it "garbage" clears out from the organs of breathing, bronchial conductivity gets better. Salt, in turn draws this "garbage" from the bronchial tubes of the least caliber-improves drainage of bronchial tubes, then розріджує a sputum, that facilitates her departing, increases the amount of antibodies at mucus of standard, that assists more effective fight against viruses and bacteria. A respiratory function gets better after cleaning of bronchial tubes. Due to the increase of respiratory capacity of lungs-frequency of respiratory motions goes down, the spasm of bronchial tubes, that resulted in the attacks of difficulty in breathing, disappears, an arteriotony diminishes, a pulse is normalized, the nervous system calms down.

Halotherapy positively influences on лор-органи, improves the indexes of the functional state of nose : vasculomotor activity, motive activity of blinking epithelium, pH of nasal secret, speed of development of reaction on a cold irritant. At the book-mark of nose, a salt dust results in reduction to the edema of mucous membrane and allows freely to breathe носом already after the first sessions.

The microclimate of salt mine carries out drying a little, disinfectant influence on a skin-improves her state at allergic displays, juvenile rashes.

The course of спелеотерапії assists the increase of protective forces of organism, deprives from insomnia, stabilizes an arteriotony, treats the syndrome of chronic tiredness, neuroses and неврозоподібні states. Except it the microclimate of salt mine is friendly to the prophylaxis of catarrhal diseases. A salt aerosol kills microorganisms in an environment, dehydrating them.

Halotherapy has high efficiency in treatment, especially children (a positive effect is arrived at in 80-90ипадків), and subzero percent of complications; increases the period of remission in 2-3 times; activates protective forces of organism; gives an opportunity of realization of frequent secondary courses with the aim of treatment and prophylaxis and others like that. Галотерапія also effective at illnesses of breathing organs that tying up with harmful productive terms (cement and coal dust, smoke and others like that).

Lic. Ministry of Health of АГ №599708 from 26.12.2011


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Swimming pool.

Features of the hotel pool Yalunka":
  • indoor heated pool
  • pool length of 16 m., width - 4 m, depth from 1m to 1,5m.
  • children's Pool 2 meters by 2 meters, a depth of 50 cm.
  • modern cleaning system
  • free WI-FI
Changing rooms and showers equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay and swimming in the pool. On the terrace, in between swimming, you can sunbathe.


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Salt cave

Salt room, cave, (halo chambers) - unique drug-free therapeutic and preventive method based on the use of natural microclimate of caves, salt mines, caves. The main medical components halochambers is its climate, which is characterized by: low relative humidity (55-70%), constant temperatures (20-24 ° C), which is filled with negatively charged ions of sodium chloride and purified from viruses, bacteria and allergens . The cozy atmosphere of salt rooms, quiet music promote relaxation of the body. This method is still used 2500 years ago.


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Carpathian bath on the wood

People have long known about the benefits of the bath. Another issue physician Hippocrates attributed half of their patients such procedures. In the course of history in each region formed its own specifics construction principles of the bathroom and even etiquette. Sauna culture was a kind of health and rejuvenation.


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