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v. Vushkov, st. Tominovih, 127
Dolyna district, Ivano-Frankovsk region.

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Welcome to
hotel Elka
Hotel Christmas tree, cozy unmarked at the foot hall,
in Ivano-Frankivsk, Dolinsky district, a picturesque village Boyko tower.
Why Christmas tree
Here, unlike many resorts in the Carpathians are not crowded,
and this nature remained wild, pristine.
In the heart Boikivshchyna.

In Vyshkove in particular clean air and delicious, and depending on time of day and season it changes its taste and aroma. Ethnographic population of these mountains is called - Boyko. Boyko as well as hutsuly have their kolomyiky, playing drymba, cymbals and trembita, prepare delicious cheese, banosh, potato pancakes. Boyko word means - lively, vigorous, so for whatever did these people, they do it with great zeal, yet are not bothersome. It concerns and hospitality. Hotel tree that is part of this land will become your institution by which you would like it to be.
Hotel for families with children.

The rooms "Standard Superior" and "Deluxe" children under 6 years old stay free with parents. The price of accommodation includes use of the pool and salt cave, table tennis. The hotel is children playground with slides, swings, trampoline. Walking in the fresh air, berries collected were his own hands, riding - emotions that you get only here.
Business hotel for conferences, presentations and even conventional business meetings tete-a-tete.

conference room with a video projector, a large screen, sound support projector, flipchart, WI-FI. Place up to 50 people. You have the opportunity at any time to receive or send a fax, check email, print needed materials. The restaurant is near the conference hall, a good selection of drinks and dishes. There you can celebrate the successful conclusion of the agreement or, alternatively "through a glass" to bring a partner to the operation. Coffee breaks, lunch or dinner for your Company.
Find out the most important events in your life. Wedding in the Carpathians.

Invite friends and family to a restaurant tree. For you we will prepare a banquet for 60 guests. For a young couple in the hotel room the best gift for your guests holiday - accommodation at special prices. Wedding in the Carpathians - romantic memories for a lifetime!


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Swimming pool.

Features of the hotel pool Yalunka":
  • indoor heated pool
  • pool length of 16 m., width - 4 m, depth from 1m to 1,5m.
  • children's Pool 2 meters by 2 meters, a depth of 50 cm.
  • modern cleaning system
  • free WI-FI
Changing rooms and showers equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay and swimming in the pool. On the terrace, in between swimming, you can sunbathe.


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Salt cave

Salt room, cave, (halo chambers) - unique drug-free therapeutic and preventive method based on the use of natural microclimate of caves, salt mines, caves. The main medical components halochambers is its climate, which is characterized by: low relative humidity (55-70%), constant temperatures (20-24 ° C), which is filled with negatively charged ions of sodium chloride and purified from viruses, bacteria and allergens . The cozy atmosphere of salt rooms, quiet music promote relaxation of the body. This method is still used 2500 years ago.


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Carpathian bath on the wood

People have long known about the benefits of the bath. Another issue physician Hippocrates attributed half of their patients such procedures. In the course of history in each region formed its own specifics construction principles of the bathroom and even etiquette. Sauna culture was a kind of health and rejuvenation.


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v. Vushkov, st. Tominovih, 127
Dolyna district, Ivano-Frankovsk region.

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